Why Responsive Web Design Is Essential For Any Modern Business

An online business website or ecommerce website is the most important tool to reach and sell to responsive-web-design-xscustomers online. In today’s technological world, a website must not only look good and be effective, but also work well across all devices such as Smartphones, tablets and desktops. It is not a good or productive thing for an ecommerce owner to lose potential customers to competition because the website is not usable or accessible through a mobile device.

A responsive web design means that a website is implemented or designed in such a way it can adjust automatically to provide users optimized web experience. Adjustable ecommerce designs uses CSS3 media queries to ensure that the layout adapts to the screen size using fluid proportion based grids as well as flexible images. The page uses different CSS style rules automatically based on characteristics of the device the site is being displayed on. Flexible images are also sized automatically to make sure they fit the screen size.

With that in mind, the big question is; what is the importance or benefits of responsive web design for online business websites?

1. One Website Many Devices

The biggest benefit of responsive design is that online stores or ecommerce website can now provide a better user experience using one website across all devices. In other words, it gives your customers the ability to use your services or buy your products using any of the devices that they may have.

2. Easy To Manage

Theoretically, having a separate desktop and mobile website needs one to have separate marketing campaigns, information and banners, products and even catalogues. However, the benefit is that having one website that is flexible, it makes everything easier to an online business owner to manage the content. In other words, an online business owner will use the same content, images, marketing techniques and so on, on all platforms.




3. Marketing Techniques And ROI

According to research, it showed that 42% of all emails are opened using mobile devices. The same research showed that over 67% of all mobile holders find themselves checking their phones for massages, alerts or calls often; even when they know they do not have any text messages, missed calls or emails. Well, by looking at this statistics, it is clear that a majority of people prefer to use their phones a lot of the time.

The truth of the matter is, that marketing on different devices is quite difficult. However, with a responsive website, it makes things much easier. Because of this, it makes it easy to convert potential customers into paying customers through ROI. This is why you should invest in a specialist web design company to provide you with a top notch website.

4. Maximizing Brand Awareness

According to research, it showed that 60% of all phone users love to share what they have seen through their phone. In other words, with a great responsive website, you will give people the power to share and view contents through their mobile devices. Because of this, it creates a strong brand awareness campaign which increases not only revenues and traffic, but also your market share. Generally, this contributes to high conversion rate.