What Is Google Penguin And What Can You Do About It?

Google penguin is an update of the search engine algorithm, which has been rolled out for the first time on April 24, 2012. The difference between the Google panda updates and Google penguin, is that penguin updates mainly penalizes Penguinwebsites with irrelevant back links. For example, this could mean that a specific website has actually purchased back links and has not obtained them in a natural way.


In addition, Google Penguin also punishes websites that use keyword stuffing, which is intentionally using the keywords way too often in an article as well as websites with duplicate content.


A back link is a link from another website to your website. If websites with certain keywords link to your own website, Google will show some more love for your website and increases its rankings in the search engines. By buying back links you could potentially manipulate this process. This is the reason why Google penguin will punish the use of unnatural back links.


But what exactly is Google penguin? Simply put, the Google penguin update will punish any website that does not adhere to the rules of Google. Websites that do not comply with these rules will end up lower in the search results, or even completely disappear from them. In reality, Google penguin is an update against web spam. Why Google chose to name its update after this animal remains unknown.


So what are the things that Google punishes exactly with its Google penguin updates? Google will punish purchased back links, duplicate content, keyword stuffing, but also link cloaking. Link cloaking is a method of hiding outgoing affiliate links.


Nowadays, many website owners are trying their hardest to get their websites in the top of Google. Even though there is nothing wrong with that, some people still refer to methods that are unethical in the eyes of Google such as the ways described above. In the eyes of Google, these are websites that are trying illegal ways to get their website to rank and with Google penguin these websites are now being punished.


So what exactly can you do against Google penguin? First of all, if you do not want your website to be penalized by Google , it is wise to never buy back links. Most of the time, Google is smart enough to detect purchased back links. If you simply write good content, and continue to do so on a regular basis, you will start to notice that other sites will naturally link to your site.


Back links that have been naturally obtained will also be of much more use to you. And in turn, Google will reward your sites with a higher ranking. It really isn’t this hard, you simply have to stick to the rules of Google to benefit in the long term.


You often find people that are bragging about secret techniques they found to get their website to rank higher. However, these so-called secret techniques work only in the short term and will inevitably be punished later on.


Here are a few tips to keep you away from the wrath of Google penguin. First off, always write good and engaging content on a regular basis, where you’re actually aiming to help the visitor. Never buy any back links and do not engage in back link swapping. It should also be mentioned that you should never return back things to a spammy site. Make use of a good social media strategy, as it has been proven to be effective in gaining higher search engine rankings.

Always make sure that you do not copy content from other websites, so that you always have unique content on your own website. DO not try to hide links and avoid excessive use of certain keywords, also known as keyword stuffing. Simply put, do not use any weird ways or techniques to artificially gain a higher ranking. It may work in the short term, but in the long term you’ll always be penalized by Google.


If you think about it, it is not only fair, but it also makes sense. Websites that really deserve to stand high in the search results are rewarded by a high position, whereas websites that use weird and unethical techniques are being punished.