The Many Benefits Of Using Long Tail Keywords

If you have been promoting your own business online then you know that it can be tough to get off the ground. Though, sticking to your efforts, following through, being patient, and applying tried and true wisdom will benefit you. One area that is often overlooked but worth a major focus are long tail keywords.

Using Mobile As An Example
In the mobile landscape for instance, testing out an ad campaign involves starting out with a wide scope. Whatever audiences are most responsive to the campaign become the focus of future and ongoing advertising efforts.

Adapting This Idea For Long Keywords
Long tail keywords have a similar effect in that they help narrow down focus without having to spend one penny. First off, what is a long tail keyword? They are specific trains of 3 or 4 keywords that are significant to your product or brand. A potential customer may have already decided that they need a hot air popcorn maker.







If you sell old-style hot air poppers, then this long tail keyword tips you off to how your potential customers are looking for your products. See how specific that search is and how much it tells you about what the customer wants?

Imagine the information that they are seeking when they are typing that search into Google. Perhaps they have not yet settled on a brand of popcorn maker, or on the model. Yet, they are already convinced perhaps that they want an old-style hot air variety of popper. Your site might play up the sales points of your brand.

Is it the number one outlying popcorn maker on Amazon, for instance? What types of features do people look for in it? That is what you want to relate to because the customers that are using such specific phrases are the ready buyers. They want what you are selling and are willing buyers.

This is a great chance to make the case for your brand or the product line that you have in stock. It is the chance to offer up that killer deal or coupon that grabs them in and sets you apart from the competition. It makes your company the one to choose for the customer’s future purchases as well.

Why Not Use More General Terms?
If you were to back it up to try to get a bigger audience, you would be creating expenses and less relevant traffic to your site. You might have people who are searching on “appliance” or “stove” or “cooking device” and they would back off out of your site, thereby dinging your site’s credibility with the search engines. And, you would not make a sale, yet you would have potentially paid for a “bad hit” to your site.

Imagine even more so that there are different types of popcorn makers. Some are made to North American Electrical Standards and that is great as long as the product is purchased in North America. For people in Europe who are searching on the same hot air popper, the plug or converter will be of concern or interest as well.

Keyword Research 3D sphere Word Cloud ConceptGeographic Relevance
It is important to note that while most people love the idea of selling on the Internet because at first they mistakenly believe it means there are billions of potential customers, it is an inaccurate notion. The idea is not to potentially reach all of these people.

It is important instead to think of it like a local HVAC professional. If someone needs HVAC, it is going to be at a geographic location that requires a professional service to come to them. Along the same lines, a popcorn popper that is made to fit in outlets in the United States should be likewise further geo-targeted to the U.S.

The idea is that it is alright to spend money on advertising, but it needs to be focused on the relevant audience. Long tail keywords are important to make an effort to reach the people who are looking to buy the products that you offer. Save money by buying advertising that is specific to the potential customers who are likely to buy from you.

Relevancy is vitally important because of the power of the long tail keywords. They make it known that people are looking to buy a specific product and are ready and prepared to make their purchases. This specificity is what makes the difference between effective campaigns and ineffective.

To review, people who are using more involved and complex long tail keywords are more likely to convert into your next customers. In turn, by catering to such keywords, your site rankings will improve, which makes your site more profitable and a magnet for future searches. It pays off to take into consideration the 3 or 4-word keyword searches to make a more profitable business.