The Importance Of Creative Web Design

There are a variety of attributes that make a ‘great’ website and these ought to all combine to make the site a pleasing experience for the visitor. It is crucial that you do some research, think of exactly what you wish to attain from your website, who your competition is and exactly what the existing patterns are.







Among the most important factors that you have to consider is the function your site will serve. Having a clear idea regarding what you need your site to do is crucial and will assist you to come up with ideas for the design of your website. This will provide you with a working plan to give to your web designer and which will provide them with an idea of what you would like. It will establish the best ways to manage the website, ways to communicate your message to your target market, changing the content and ways to improve use.


The site should be simple to browse so that visitors are encouraged to spend time browsing. Visitors to the website must be able to get to where they want, find what they are looking for with speed and ease. So, the less number of clicks they need to make to get to where they want, the better. It is a popular fact that if a visitor cannot find exactly what they are searching for, they will leave and usually not return. Absolutely nothing irritates a visitor more than thinking they are going to be able to get what they need, then arriving at the site only to find that they can’t find what they are looking for. A lot of sites these days use a basic form of navigation that visitors have become familiar with. A lot of websites have a main menu which leads visitors to the remainder of the site. There will be links to other pages such as contact us, frequently asked questions, delivery information and such like. Other navigational aids consist of having a side bar containing links to other internal pages of the website.


Every visitor to your site is trying to find something, whether it is information, goods or services and how simple it is to access these things will determine how long they will stay on the site. Numerous companies are seeking to convert users from just being casual visitors to customers or, Internet Backgroundthey are aiming to present information to visitors. As such, the site has to be well organised and be able to communicate what business’s message is or make it so easy to make a purchase that the visitor has a pleasant experience. The shopping cart and checkout need to be easy to access, there is no point in visitors putting items in their basket just to find that they cannot find the basket or the checkout. This has actually happened to me a few times, I have found goods I want to buy and then not been able to complete the checkout process. The result – no sale, I left and bought what I wanted somewhere else. Make no mistake, the public is unpredictable and impatient, they will not want to spend their time looking for items, going to shopping carts or the checkout. So, make the process as easy as possible.


There nothing more pleasing than finding what you are searching for on a well created and simple to navigate website, it makes the visitor want more of the very same and they will be most likely to return again and again.