Some Benefits Of Internet Enabled TV

It won’t be wrong to say that Internet has literally changed the world. Today, everyone has access to a lot of useful information thanks to Internet and therefore, many devices are increasingly being connected to Internet.

Our television sets are no exception and many manufacturers have started shipping Internet ready TVs. In fact, many experts estimate that one won’t be able to find a TV without Internet connectivity in the next few years. It has a number of benefits and here are few of those benefits.

No Need for Extra Devices

One of the biggest advantages of Internet TV is that everything needed to access Internet is already there in the device. It means that users do not need any kind of external devices to connect to the Internet and access the web-based content on their Internet TV.

It becomes important when a person wants to watch high definition content without needing a separate Blu-ray player or similar system. Users can directly play high-definition content on their Internet enabled TV and eliminate the need of external devices. It also means that users do not need to invest in extra cables and other things that mess up the whole setup.


Access to Streaming Media

Without Internet connectivity, users cannot stream videos on their big screen TVs. However, there are a lot of existing and emerging video streaming services that offer a lot of interesting content. This is especially true of Netflix, Hulu and other services such as Amazon’s streaming service that offers their shows only on Internet.

It means that particular content can only be watched on Internet ready TV. It also means that users can stream videos of their favorite YouTube stars directly on their Internet ready TVs.

Access to Social Media

It won’t be wrong to say that social media has become part of the life for many people. There are many Internet ready TVs that come with pre-installed social media applications that allow users to update their statuses or access information on the social media websites through their TV sets. Also, users can easily watch the content on social media websites by streaming it to their big screen HDTV.

Internet Browsing

There are a number of models available in the market that allow users to browse Internet with the help of wireless mouse and keyboard on their big-screen TV. These are usually connected to the TV through Bluetooth. Also, there are TVs that come with remote controls with a full keyboard. These remote controls are connected to the TV with Bluetooth.

Save Money

Cord cutting has become a new buzzword online. In fact, one of the most popular TV services, HBO, has recently started its own standalone streaming service. It means that people can subscribe to its online streaming service without the need for cable subscription.

There are a lot of people who do not have cable service. The number of such people is rising at a blistering rate. All of these people are able to watch their favorite content with the help of Internet. However, Internet ready TV allows them to stream their favorite content directly to their TV with the help of Internet.

In other words, Internet ready TV allows people to save a lot of money by cutting down their cable bill.

Access to Massive Online Content

One of the biggest advantages of Internet ready TVs is that they provide access to massive library Widescreen high definition TV screen with video gallery. Television and internet conceptof content that is streamed online. For instance, a number of old shows are available for streaming online. However, these shows are no longer shown by the TV channels as they either do not have the rights or do not care about the viewers. Internet ready TV allows the user to watch their favorite shows on big-screen TV through their favorite website.


Internet enabled TVs also offers a lot of flexibility in terms of watching content at any time. Users are not dependent on the broadcast timings of their favorite shows. They can program their TVs to store their favorite show and watch that content at any time they want.

It is true that there are similar devices available for normal TVs but in case of Internet TV everything is right there inside the TV and there is no need for any external devices.

Watch Worldwide Content

One of the biggest benefits of Internet is that it is not restricted to a particular geographical area. It also means that Internet TV provides users access to content from the whole wide world. These days, almost all of the TV channels stream their content on their website. Internet TV allows users to watch the content from anywhere in the world on their TV.

There was a time when Internet TV used to be a thing of the future. However, it has now become a reality and the good news is that it is not too costly. There are lot of manufactures who have introduced a number of models with Internet connectivity at a decent price and finally, everybody can get their hands on an Internet enabled TV.