Ordnance Survey Maps Are Available Online To Download

As a developer applying for planning permission, it is important that you have maps or a map of the location you are planning to develop that is correct and accurate. This is essential in ensuring that you fully understand the boundaries and space you have to work with even as you apply for permission. With so many map makers in Britain, finding a map you can rely on can be hard. As such, it is essential that you get your map from a reliable map maker.


Ordnance Survey is Britain’s national mapping agency and is one of the largest producer of maps

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in the world. The government-owned company is mainly responsible for the creation of maps of the country and ensuring that they are updated and accurate. At the same time, Ordnance Survey is a digital business that offers its content to companies, individuals and to governments, helping them be more effective when planning.


As a company that has been in the mapping business for a very long time now, you can trust in the fact that Ordnance Survey maps are some of the best and most reliable you will find out there. With one of the largest map databases in the world, Ordnance Survey has got maps of all most every square inch of Britain. That is why getting or using their map is the best thing to do as a person applying for planning permission.


There are benefits that come with the use of Ordnance Survey maps. To make you better understand why using the agency’s maps is the best thing you could do, this article will be looking at/discussing some of these benefits.




Ok, the truth of the matter is that there is no map that will be 100% accurate and it is therefore advisable that you consider some misgivings when it comes to using maps to bring things to scale. Despite that, Ordnance Survey maps are acclaimed the world over for their accuracy and attention to detail. Now the good thing is that their maps can be found in different accuracy standards including absolute accuracy and relative accuracy. At the same time, you can get maps that show the currency of the location (showing all things that have been built and excluding things that have been destroyed).


Map Interpretation


Now if you are looking for maps that have put a lot of attention on detail, then Ordnance Survey maps are what you need to go. Each map has line features and these features are usually what is used to interpret the map according to context and to bring it to scale. As Ordnance Survey is a fully dedicated mapping agency/company it strives to ensure that all its maps are clear and accurate for easy interpretation. This therefore means that the margin for error when it comes to scale is much lower than that you will find on most maps from other mapping agencies.




Ordnance Survey holds one of the most diverse map collections in Britain; especially when it comes to scale referencing. The agencies maps can be found as either large scale, which are more detailed, or as small scale. Its large scale maps comprises of maps that are at 6 inches to one mile or more (that is 1:10,560) and the small scale maps are those that stand at fewer than 6 inches to the mile. With so many options, planners and surveyors have more to work with when studying areas to be remapped or developed.




Field Numbers


One of the easiest ways to identify pieces and parcels of land is by using field numbers. Ordnance Survey has the most complete field numbers database in the country. As these field number are derived from Ordnance Survey requirements to measure the area of every parish, borough, ward, county and district in England and their equivalents in Scotland and Wales, finding a piece of land on a map is fast and effective. Field numbers were initially only published on 1:2500 scale maps which were dropped in 1990; the good thing however is that Ordnance Survey holds most of these maps in standard form and can present you with one if you make a formal request.


Digitized Mapping


Ordnance Survey digitized its mapping and therefore is in possession of one of the most comprehensive digital maps databases in the world. The agency/company provides users (businesses, developers, governments) with a large variety of digital mapping products that they can work with. Most of these products come in the form of computer-based software that can be viewed through either optical media or via the internet.


OS maps can be downloaded via FTP or may be accessed via a web browser on demand. Some of the products they have to offer include the OS MasterMap, OS VectorMap Local, OS Landplan, Meridian 2, Strategi, OS Street View, etcetera. With the digital option, accessing and using different maps is now easier and more convenient than ever. At the same time, Ordnance Survey has been developing Mobile Phone App that are making it even easier to access maps on the go on your handheld devices.


With Ordnance Survey maps by your side, getting all the geographical data you need as a surveyor or developer planning to develop piece of land. As such, it is essential that you take time to find the maps that represent your region or the area you are planning on developing from Ordnance Survey. By becoming a member or approaching Ordnance Survey you have access to high-quality professional maps that you can share with other people. At the same time, you can engage with the public sector community sharing your ideas, best practices and values. For the best mapping solutions, Ordnance Survey maps are what you need.