By Using SMS Marketing, Businesses Can Stay At The Top Of Their Customers’ Minds

In today’s competitive market environment, businesses need to be creative and modern in order to keep their brand at the top of their customer’s minds. It is simply not enough to do the same old things like print media and phonebook sms phone message concept illustrationadvertising and expect the same results that would’ve been achieved 20 years ago. The world has changed, the business climate is changed, and the way that customers look for companies to do business with has changed.


Another thing that is changed is the way that customers form loyalties with the businesses that they patronize, and how they make decisions about their continuing to spend money there. It used to be that habit was the overriding force. Once someone begins using a certain brand of condiment, a certain brand of laundry detergent, or started taking their family to dinner at a certain restaurant every Friday night that habit was formed, and it would continue on long-term. This is no longer the case.


So what is different? What has changed?


The major difference is that there are simply more choices available to consumers now than there have ever been in the past. Not only that, but there are more avenues for finding information about brands and interacting with representatives of brands than there have ever been in the past. So, where the overriding force was habit in years past, now the overriding force is brand loyalty and rapport.


Yes, the truth is that, now, consumers want to feel an emotional connection with the brands that they choose to spend their money on. They want to feel that they understand what that brand is all about and what they stand for – what the story is behind the logo. They want to feel that the story matches their own sensibilities and values.


So, what does a brand need to do in order to foster that kind of loyalty and get that story across? Well, the answer is simple – meet the consumer where they are, and tell the story in a language that the modern consumer understands and relates to.


There is really no better vehicle for delivering a brand message than SMS marketing, for several reasons. First of all, there is an immediacy with SMS marketing that you can’t get with anything else not social media, not email, and certainly not traditional advertising. People live with their phones attached to them. A phone is never further than a person’s purse or pocket. Some people say that they feel an actual physical sense of vulnerability without their phone. Others think of their phone as an extension of their very being. Being able to reach those people with your brand message through that device that they hold so dear transfer some of that attachment and loyalty on to the thought of your brand in their mind.


Another thing that makes SMS marketing so powerful is that your message will be seen by a much higher percentage of your target market then it will be in other types of traditional outbound marketing, such as direct mail or email marketing. Text messages get an open rate of well over 90 percent this blows the statistics on other types of outbound marketing far and away out of the water. There is no comparison.


Yet another advantage of SMS marketing is that, with the majority of smart phones having web browsing capability built right in, your call to action for making a purchase is only as far away as the person clicking a link with their thumb as they read your message. They don’t need to remember anything, they don’t need to write anything down the entire sales funnel is completed right there with a simple swipe across their screen. They hear the time, they check their text message, they click the link within the message, and they make the purchase simple, quick, and to the point just the way that business is done in this new millennium.

When you think of all the ways that you can reach your customers more effectively, both logistically and emotionally, through SMS marketing the question really becomes more, why wouldn’t you be using SMS to market rather than why would you be. As technology has moved forward, so has the sensibility of your target consumer. It used to be that people use the phone book as their main tool in choosing a business to patronize, but those days are long past. Now, people use the Internet and particularly their smart phone to find absolutely everything, and to keep track of absolutely everything is well.


Shouldn’t your business be on that list of things that they are finding, and keeping track of?