Business Uses For SMS

If you thought SMS was only for communication, confirmation and announcements, think again. A majority of savvy campaigners are using SMS marketing to increase conversion rate, nurture loyalty as well as creating lifelong buyer relationships. There are many companies that are taking sending-sms-xsadvantage of SMS each day to pass on announcements and with a good reason. Well, everyone has got a mobile phone and a majority of them are keeping them close to them.

1. Emergency Notification

SMS is an excellent way to notify your team or group during an emergency. What does this mean? It simply means that you can send critical updates during natural or business related disasters, last minute event locations changes, or emergency business meetings, in fact, anything that constitutes an emergency for your team.

2. News and Updates

SMS is a great way to inform your clients and workmates. In other words, time sensitive and important customer updates can be sent directly to opt-in customers and clients, through SMS. Additionally, people love to know stuff first hand and there is no other great way to inform people other than through a text message. Great for new product launches, new branch openings and even for product votes, these text messages can really encourage customer engagement.

3. Promotion

Did you know that travel agents do prefer to use texts to inform clients about the latest special offers and promotions? This means that the text messages can be tailored to individual preferences, so regardless of your business niche, you can make use of SMS to promote your latest special offers. Moreover, you have the ability to send a message with a unique discount code for customers to redeem. This exclusive code creates is an incentive to your customers to stay on the list for future promotions and hence becoming a loyal customer.

4. Contests

Launch a text messaging contest to your database with a text to win campaign. Try sending out a follow up text about the winner of the contest so customers will continue to enter for upcoming contests. A business marketer understands the benefits of running a competition to a company. One of which is that it creates loyal customers and increasing revenues. It does also create brand awareness.

5. Customer services

Everyone knows the benefits of great customer service to a company. However, many business people have forgotten that SMS is also a great way to create a good relationship with the clients. In most cases, you will find companies giving out the contacts without an SMS number or highlighting or giving users the go ahead to send SMS. You will only see email information (address), phone number, fax number and other but not an SMS number. For example, through an SMS, a customer is then able to check an order status, track their packages as well as receive back order notification alerts.

6. SMS Coupons

SMS coupons are a great way to not only promote a company, but also promote your products through coupon codes. What are coupon codes? Well, these are codes that allow a specific customer to receive a discount on a particular product or service. For example, if you own a pizza parlour, you can award particular customers coupon codes for them to redeem on the day of their choice. The code may be for them to buy one and get another free or simply get a discount on their pizza order. All in all, these codes are a great way for a business person to promote his or her business.

7. Event Promotion

The underlining benefits of SMS are promotion for sure. They are greatly used to promote events especially to the younger generation. Well, even though social media does also play a big role in promoting such events, young people will still send SMSs to each other.

Now let us assume that you are trying to promote a particular event for your business or trying to promote a particular product on an event; then you can take advantage of SMS. For example, we all know of how Apple prefers to announce new product lines? They create events where people are invited. Now, assuming that you are trying to launch a new product, you can use SMS to invite people. This is a great way to make clients feel special and appreciated for being invited first hand to such an event.








8. Lead generation

There are some companies or businesses that prefer to use SMSs to create leads. For example, gyms worldwide are using mobile marketing to generate leads through stronger databases. Moreover, they send out new membership promotions as well as offer updates on new classes and class cancelations. This lets clients know of new developments or changes on a particular service.

Why SMS Marketing

Well, with many companies using paid social, email marketing, and many other SEO marketing techniques to promote themselves. Well, the truth is that to stand out from the crowd or competition, a company will need a unique service to attract customers.

One way both large and small companies take advantage of promoting themselves, is often forgotten channels such as business text messaging. Therefore, if you are looking to increase customer following, creating loyal customers, and even promoting a business. It is so easy to set up SMS marketing campaigns, you can even send SMS online from the comfort of your own computer!

Take Note

For your SMS marketing techniques to work better, you need to identify how to apply it properly. In other words, different companies will benefit from SMS differently. For example, a gym will benefit from SMS by informing clients about their classes schedule, how to benefit from their services and much more.

This is different compared to how a hotel business will use SMS. To them, they can use SMS to create a strong customer loyalty, for customer support, offer coupon codes (business promotion) and much more. Therefore, for you to be successful, you have to identify ways SMS will benefit your company.