Boost Your Website With Video Streaming

After seeing the rising popularity of YouTube and the recent explosion of Instagram, there should be no doubt that video is a very popular way of adding great content on the web. Furthermore, videos don’t have to be that long or even sophisticated in order to be effective. They just need to interest, engage, or inform viewers enough to get them watched and shared.

Uses Of On-Demand Streaming Video to Boost Websites

There are so many ways to use streaming video to boost a site that it is hard to know where to begin describing these advantages. But let’s start with social media.

Consider some statistics about social media and video:

* YouTube is the 2nd most searched site on the Internet, only behind Google.
* Instagram, a popular graphic- and video-sharing site, has been booming in the last several months.
* Even on traditional social networks, such as Twitter or LinkedIn or Facebook, graphics still help draw attention better than just text used alone.

Is Video Good For Search Engine Ranking?

Most webmasters would love to use social networking to help draw more visitors, and steaming videos do actually provide a solution. People are very visual and it is often easier for them to grasp the message of a video over plain words on a page.

However, webmasters also wondered if videos did any good with search engines. Even though attention on social media is great, there is nothing like the traffic that comes from great ranking on major search engines. Here’s some good news about Google rankings and videos. Since Google owns YouTube, they are very likely to rank videos that are listed there very well.

Of course, ranking well for a search word on YouTube is a great first step. But once this has been done, sites are almost guaranteed good rankings on Google for their videos.

There’s another factor to streaming video. They tend to engage users when they are posted on your website. One of the factors that Google measures is how long people stay on a website. If uploading streaming video to a site can increase the time that users stay engaged, it is likely to be a positive factor that can increase search engine rankings even further.

The Main Reason Video Helps Websites

Of course, the main reason to add videos is because they provide a good medium for you to get your message across. This is true if your website is meant to sell products or services, convince visitors on the merits of an idea, or simply to entertain them. While website videos don’t have to be of the type that earn awards, they should look professional enough for your audience.

Video Marketing. Wordcloud Concept.The main concern that most website owners express is that they have no idea how to create videos. It is actually very easy given current software. However, if you are like many business owners, you would probably prefer to hire somebody else to do the job. If you are not familiar with video software, and don’t have time to devote to learning, this might be a good idea anyway.

In some cases, if your website is on a light topic, having an amateur-looking video is probably fine. However, if you want to attract potential clients to say, a business accountancy firm, it is probably a good idea to make sure you get a professional video made.

If so, you will have some choices to make. If you want to appear in your own streaming video, you might need to get a local producer. However, you may also choose to have somebody else deliver your video, or you can even make it graphic-based or animated.

If so, you can hire a video production company online. In some cases, they can use your ideas to do everything from writing the video script to polishing off the final movie. Some companies will even help you upload the video on your own website and lots of social networking sites.

Boost Your Website With On-Demand Streaming Videos

Inform visitors with your message or simply entertain them with good streaming videos. In any case, if you do include videos as part of your content strategy, you are likely to have a lot more visitors who will share your link with their friends.