A Responsive Ecommerce Website Has Great Advantages

Having an ecommerce website that is responsive means that it is adaptable to all the different formats in which it can be presented. This means that it can be viewable in a traditional desktop format, in a mobile format, as well as a tablet and iPad format.

A responsive website resizes itself depending upon which type of device it is being viewed on. In this way, you only need to have one website that caters to all devices, whether they are desktop, smart phone, iPad or tablet.

Since more than 60% of all web searches are now being conducted from mobile devices it only makes sense to be able to include those folks in our arena of information. If they were not to be included, then we would be missing over half of our potential market of people that would like to view our website.

Not only are people searching more on their mobile devices, they are actually buying more things from there as well. If people are buying from your website that is being displayed on all of the different formats, that means that you have happy and satisfied customers. As far as competition goes, if you have a responsive site, and your competition does not, if all other things are equal, you will get about double the orders that your competitor will receive.

The internet world of today is fast paced and demanding in that people want to know right away what is available in different areas of a city, county or area in which they are travelling. The easiest way to discover this information is with a mobile device. That is why our ecommerce information needs to be ready and available at all times.

Some of the fundamentals of an interactive concept when talking about a responsive website includes will have content that is similar in design and responsiveness across all the different platforms. The messages, pricing, specials, and particular information will be the same on all devices.

Statistics show that consumers are 67 per cent more likely to purchase from your site if it is easy for them to find what they are looking for on a mobile device. This is in contrast to the fact that they are predisposed by a 61 per cent margin not to buy if they get frustrated or are annoyed because it is difficult to find what they are seeking.

responsive-web-design-xsGoogle came up with these statistics, and the problems could stem from an issue with the appearance of the website, lack of function, or the lack of a streamlined setup that makes it easy for the viewer to understand. The experience that the viewer has is of great importance in the determination of how he or she reacts. Another way of putting it, is to actually make your website fun when someone is using it.

Another important factor to consider is to make it easy for people to use a “multi-channel” shopping experience. What this means is that 67 percent of the people will search sequentially with multiple devices. They might start looking on one device, and then need to finish up on another due to scheduling, timing and proximity.

Because we are moving around so much of the time when a person starts looking on their iPad at home before leaving for work, they might finish their search as soon as they arrive at work. They would appreciate features such as “Save to Cart” or “Add To Wish List” as a means of setting certain products aside for later purchases. In this way they won’t forget the items they were interested in before switching devices.

People are thinking convenience when they see your website, and they are not thinking about the style of the page, rockets or bubbles going off in the margins, or anything like that. They simply want to find what they are looking for, and if you make that part easy without any distractions, you have a better than even chance of getting their business.

Responsive websites like those offered at rouge-media.com also offer several ways with which a payment can be made, along with the usual credit card options, many sites will offer PayPal as well, which can save a purchaser the time of having to hunt for a credit card. That alone, can kill a sale because the potential customer has to break away and that could totally distract away from the sale.

People are busy and they don’t want to take the time to pick up and master a new learning curve each time they come to a new website. They want it simple and straightforward, and to the point. If you can get them to the product or service that they are looking for with a minimum of effort on their part, you will end up getting a new customer.